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EDTutorials is a community based effort including content from commander Exigeous and members Level 11 and the Anti-Xeno Initiative. The goal of EDTutorials is to be the most complete single resource for learning everything about Elite Dangerous.

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If you or your organization would like to participate in creating content for the purpose of learning Elite Dangerous please contact Exigeous or ElectricNacho in the Level 11 Discord. We are currently looking for written guides or visual designers.

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If you’d like to help support EDTutorials with a monetary donation you can do so via CMDR Exigeous’ Streamlabs Account (note that all costs associated with EDTutorials are paid for solely by CMDR Exigeous so any donation there helps the site directly!)

Providing Translations

If you’d like to translate parts of the site to your native language please contact our Community Manager Smoke in the Galactic Academy Discord as this would be greatly appreciated!

EDTutorials Team

EDTutorials Translation Team

If you’re like to offer your talents translating the site into your native language please contact us in the Level 11 Discord.


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