Author: Exigeous

CMDR Exigeous joined the Pilot’s Federation in December of 3302. Since that time, he has logged over 6500 hours of flight time—fighting the Thargoids and chasing loot as a pirate. He has undertaken the Guardian Quests, explored the galaxy in search of strange and new life-forms, and perfected his skills as a pilot—leading to him receiving all three Elite ranks. In December of 3304, in recognition of his skills in combat, knowledge of game-play, and selfless devotion to sharing information with every pilot he encountered, he was awarded a YouTube Channel by the Pilot’s Federation. Since receiving his YouTube Channel, CMDR Exigeous has worked to create the clear, concise, high-quality informational tutorials that the Pilot’s Federation was not equipped to create (for some odd reason). These tutorials became a standard around the galaxy. For his efforts, the Pilot’s Federation awarded CMDR Exigeous a WebSite and gave him the mission of gathering authorities on all subjects from around the Milky Way, in order to spread the collected knowledge to all pilots in the galaxy.