Thargoid Combat Guide

This guide will walk you through the phases and essentials of combating a Thargoid Interceptor.

Table of Contents

This guide is based of the Anti-Xeno Knowledgebase, click here to learn more.


A typical Thargoid Interceptor fight is a rotation of three essential phases. Phases happen in order, once a criteria is met. It is not essential that you stick to these phases, but it is advised that you follow the basic pattern.

When you first encounter a Thargoid Interceptor, it will be non-hostile (assuming no scouts are present) and it will not have a shield. Once you first attack the Thargoid it will deploy its first swarm. Ideally, you should deal with this first swarm before progressing.

How to Kill a Thargon Swarm

The Thargon swarm is a collection of small, independent ships that fly in tight formation. These can be destroyed by using a Remote Release Flak Launcher.

The Remote Release Flak Launcher is a Fixed weapon with a click-and-hold mechanic. First, you click and hold the trigger to fire the flak shell—once you release the trigger, the shell will detonate. To destroy a Thargon swarm you must fire a flak shell into the swarm and release the trigger at the correct time to detonate it in the swarm.

A common tactic to deal with a Thargon swarm is to use the Reverskii maneuver.

Reverskii Manoeuvre

  1. Boost away from the Thargon Swarm
  2. Disable Flight Assist
  3. Rotate your ship 180° Degrees
  4. Shoot the swarm while drifting backward

This allows you to keep the swarm directly in front of you while you try to dispatch it.

When the swarm is within 3km of the CMDR, it will start to fly erratically. You will need to predict where the swarm is moving and aim ahead of it. Look for the heading indicator and aim halfway between the indicator and the swarm.

Once you destroy the swarm, check to see if the Thargoid has any shields left, you can do this by using a Xeno Scanner or attacking the Thargoid and look for the blue shield damage indicator on the Holographic Model. If the shield is down, it’s time to start exerting the Thargoid.

If you take too long to destroy a heart, the Thargoid will become enraged, this will cause the Thargoid to continuously spawn more Thargon Swarms until you destroy the next heart.

Exerting and Destroying the Hearts

Once a Thargoid no longer has a shield it is possible to begin exerting a Heart. To exert the heart, you will need to deal direct damage to the Thargoids hull, once you deal 20% of the remaining hull in damage, the Heart will begin glowing very brightly. This means the Heart is exerted.

When exerted, the heart can be damaged. You will have approximately 30-40 seconds to destroy the heart. If you fail to destroy the heart, you will need to re-exert it to try again.

Once you have destroyed all hearts, the Thargoid will no longer regenerate health. This will allow you to finish off the Thargoid and end the fight!

NOTE: Once you destroy the Thargoid, it will leave behind a large cloud of caustic, this will expand to about 5km and last for about 3 minutes.