Thargoid Scouts Explained

These little bugs are quick, and not too deadly; unless there are a lot of them.

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This guide is based on the Anti-Xeno Knowledgebase, click here to read more.

Thargoid scouts are small hostile Thargoid vessels, often found in large numbers; unlike Interceptors, they are immediately hostile towards any human vessel.

Scouts are significantly less threatening than Interceptors individually and can be destroyed easily; however, in great numbers scouts can become a major threat to even an experienced pilot.

Scouts have a 77% resistance to conventional human weapons. This reduced damage resistance makes it possible to kill Scouts with human weapon systems; however specialized AX weapon systems are far more effective and efficient.


Thargoid scouts, like Interceptors, can be found in four different variants.


Marauders are the basic variant of scout and the most common. They have a simple attack, which consists of a Basic Pulse Weapon. Marauders can also fire a simple Caustic missile.


Regenerator variants are the same as the Marauder but have a special Regeneration pulse ability. The Regenerator may use this ability and apply a regeneration buff to all nearby scouts, rapidly regenerating their health.

Regenerators will make an audible sound before using the attack and emit a green pulse. Regenerator variants will appear with a green coloration.


Similar to the Regenerator, Berserker variants are Marauders with a special ability. Berserkers can emit a red energy pulse that will buff the damage of all nearby scouts and trigger all nearby non-beserker scouts to fire a caustic missile. Beserkers have an orange/red appearance.


Inciters are Marauders with a special ability. When used the scout will emit an energy pulse to all nearby scouts, buffing their speed and maneuverability temporarily. Inciters have a pink/red appearance.

Hunting Scouts

Hunting scouts is a very efficient method to increase combat rank: this is because all scouts are Elite ranked targets and will give the best possible experience per kill. Scouts fly very unpredictably, so AXI strongly recommends the use of Large Turreted Anti-Xeno Multicannons as the most effective weapon for hunting scouts.

Scouts have relatively basic mechanics, they will actively pursue and shoot an enemy with a pulse weapon, while periodically firing caustic missiles. When hunting scouts there are no special tactics needed, however it can help to kill them in a particular order based on the threat level, listed in order below.

Regenerator > Berserker > Inciter > Marauder