Passenger Missions – 60-100M CR/HR

Earn up to $60M/hr doing VIP sightseeing missions at Robigo Mines.

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In this tutorial, we look at earning 60-100M CR/HR doing VIP sightseeing missions at Robigo Mines. We’ll be running simple passenger missions between two systems, Robigo and Sothis.

Preparing for the Missions

You’ll start by heading to Babbage Gateway in Ceos, just next door, so you can swap your 5A Fuel Scoop and 4H Guardian FSD Booster (if outfitted) for additional passenger cabins, per the builds below. Be sure to store these modules so you can put them back on when you’re ready to head back home.

Sirius Atmospherics Missions

Take Passenger Missions

Head to Hauser’s Reach in Robigo and open the Passenger Lounge. Look through each faction for missions with the destination of “Sirius Atmospherics” and take as many as possible—until you’ve either cleared the board or filled your cabins. Start with the highest paying missions first as you may not be able to take them all. You’ll also want to prioritize missions that give as much Reputation as possible, as this will ally you with these factions faster offering you higher paying missions.

Plot to Sirius Atmospherics

Once you’ve filled all your cabins or emptied the mission board head out and plot to Body 5A in the Sothis system, as Sirius Atmospherics is located in orbit.

Once you’re within 1,000 light seconds of body A 5 select Sirius Atmospherics on your navigation panel, this will be listed as a Point of Interest if you’re filtering your results.

Scan the Tourist Beacon

Once you drop you’ll see a Tourist Beacon. Simply target this and point your ship toward it until the scan in the lower-left panel completes. As soon as it does jump back to Hauser’s Reach in Robigo. If you’re going to be doing this multiple times you can bookmark each site, with the names beginning with 1 (example: 1 Hauser’s Reach and 1 Body 5 A) so they will sort at the top of your list (you can delete these when you’re done).

Cashing In

Once you’ve allied with each faction you should be earning about 20M CR/HR given good spawn rates and quick jumping and turn-around.

Ship Builds


Thanks to CMDR PinkUnicornQueen for his assistance with this article