The Ultimate Deep Core Mining Guide

In this tutorial we look at Deep Core Mining. This makes use of the subsurface displacement missile, the seismic charge launcher, abrasion blaster and pulse wave analyser.

Table of Contents

Deep Core Mining is explored in this tutorial. This mining technique makes use of subsurface displacement missiles, a seismic charge launcher, the abrasion blaster and the pulse wave analyzer.

Using a medium class ship, such as a Krait Mark II, you can earn over 100M credits per hour via engaging, skill-based gameplay.

Third-Party Tools

Mineral Values

Mineral values fluctuate with the demand created by stations.

  • Article on price mechanics here
  • CMDR VicTic’s Mining tool updates prices regularly

Ship Builds

Special Thanks

Thanks to Gramer Natzi for originally creating the images I used in the reference section—I found them on Google images and didn’t see the links to the source so I didn’t know who to credit. My apologies, his original write up is located here.