Gathering ALL Engineering Materials in Colonia

While you can not gather materials in the same way in Colonia as in the bubble using these methods you can gather all the materials you need as efficiently as possible.

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In this guide we look at gathering ALL engineering and synthesis materials in the Colonia region. Colonia is a small, human inhabited area of space roughly 22000 light years from Sol, located in a purple nebula and dense star field making it rather beautiful.

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Today we’re going to be looking at the best ways to gather synthesis and engineering materials in the Colonia region. Colonia is a small, human inhabited area of space roughly 22000 light years from Sol, located in a purple nebula and dense star field making it rather beautiful. In may of 3302 Jaques Station attempted a jump to Beagle Point but was lost due to a malfunction and instead landed here. Since that time the region has grown dramatically, now supporting shipyards, outfitting, engineering and material traders to name a few making life in this region far easier than in the past. Let’s now take a look at the most efficent ways to gather minerals, data and manufactured materials in Colonia.

We’ll start with raw materials, unfortunately there are no known crystal shard locations in this region, as such we’ll need to use the same methods we’d use in the bubble for finding minerals such as selenium. That is using the wonderful tools by CMDR spansh at Here you’ll select the Bodies tool under Search, then select the fields landmark type and reference system. Once landmark type is enabled click All then remove everything except for those on screen. Next enable reference system and enter Colonia, or your current system. Then select the Materials tab and enter the material you’re searching for and while you can enter multiple this will lessen your changes of finding higher grade minerals which may only exist in low quantaties with other minerals. Once you click search you can add distance from your current location by clicking in Fields to Show and selecing Distance LY. Head to one of the bodies listed, based on it’s arrival distance and percentage of the mineral you’re searching for. Once you arrive at the body you’ll use your detailed surface scanner to probe the body for geological sites and land at one. Here you’ll be looking for the various targettable minerals, specifically needle crystals and crystaline fragments as these will almost always spawn higher grade minerals.

Next let’s look at gathering manufactured materials. These are most efficiently done using High Grade Signal sources, in the same way we would in the bubble. The issue is there are very few system states in Colonia, with all systems Independent. As such you’ll likely only find Proto Heat, Proto Radiolic and Proto Lights in these signal sources, even still given you can gather 100 of these in about 20 minutes with good luck gathering these and using a material trader is the most efficent way in this region. To do this you’ll head to any inhabited system in either none or boom state, drop at the nav beacon to scan it, then jump back to supercruise looking for High Grade Emission signal sources. If you see none move on to the next system and repeat. Once you find a high grade head to it, noting how much time is left on it’s timer. If you arrive with around 20 minutes left you should be able to gather 100 of a grade 5 material from it. The key here is collector limpets, I suggest using either an Asp Explorer or Krait Phantom with at least 4 active collector limpets, I’ll include some builds in the description below. After your collectors have gathered all the materials in the area you’ll exit the game to desktop, not just to main menu. Relaunch the game and enter the game mode you previously used, once back in your ship charge for jump but do not throttle up, instead as soon as your ship is ready to jump boost which will cause you to jump. Once in supercruise look on your navigation panel for an unknown signal source, likely behind you. Target this and then throttle up to get some distance before you turn back on it, it will then resolve to the same High Grade emission you found earlier. Drop back in, gather all the materials and repeat until you’re either full or the signal source expires. Once you’ve reached the limit of 100 grade 5 you’ll then head to the single manufactured material trader in the region, Foster Terminal in Coeus. 100 grade 5 will trade to 16 of any other grade 5 and multiples of lower grade materials. Repeate this, using EDEngineer which we’ve covered previously, until you have everything you need for your engineering plans.

Finally let’s look at gathering data. Unfortunately there are no known comms control beacons in the region, like the CMDR Jameson crash site, so the most efficient method is to steal data from the hackable data transmitters from megaships. There are several in the region with two in the Colonia system. To keep from getting caught, as this is an illegal activity, you’ll need to engage silent running while performing this making the Diamondback Scout an ideal choice given it’s extremely cool running nature. You’ll also need a recon limpet controller, limpets and heatsinks, again I’ve included a build below. When you arrive at the mega ship you’ll scan it with your datalink scanner which will reveal the hackable data transmitters. Target and approach one, you’ll need to be less than 350 meters to be able to scan it which you’ll do again with your datalink scanner. This will then reveal a subtarget, a recon limpet docking port at which you’ll fire a recon limpet. It’s critical you do this while in silent running as if not you will become wanted and trigger system authority to attack. Even when in silent running system authority will be notified but don’t worry, they won’t know you were the hacker. Once the hack is complete do the frontier flop, logging to main menu and back in so you can repeat this process. Similar to high grade emissions you’ll do this until you’ve gathered a large amount of data which you’ll use at the encoded trader at Colonia Dream in Ratraii.

While none of these methods are particularily fun given their extremely repetative nature that’s certainly nothing new for Frontier authorized gameplay, at least this will lessen your time working Elite so you can spend more time playing Elite later. I plan to continue this series on life in Colonia so if you’re stationed primarily in this region I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What are the challenges you face, the tips and tricks you can share? As Colonia is a truly beautiful region if you’ve not yet visited it I highly suggest it, with a good jump range and the neutron superhighway you can reach it in about 2 hours. Hopefully this will help those who spend their time in this region upgrade their ships and synthesize what they need. This has been commander Exigeous of reminding you to fly dangerously and thanks for watching.