Quickies: Minerals & Data at the Bug Killer Site

Collecting materials is just part of the game. Here is another method to help ease the pain.

Table of Contents

In this quickie with Exigeous, we look at using the “Bug Killer” site to collect both raw minerals and data for engineering and synthesis.

System Information

  • System: HIP 16613
    Body: 1 A
  • Closest encoded data trader
    System: Diaguandri
    Station: Ray Gateway


Full Script

In this quickie with Exigeous, we’re going to look at using the Bug Killer site to collect raw minerals and data, both used for engineering and synthesis. This site is located on the southern side of the bubble in system HIP 16613 on body 1 A.

As we’ll be landing you’ll likely want to bring a small class ship. The DBX is perfect; however, the terrain isn’t that rough—so just about any ship should be able to land just fine. You will need an SRV and a detailed surface scanner. Let’s now have a look at how to find the site and gather materials quickly.

Once you arrive in system, target body 1 A as the site will only show once you’ve probed the planet. As you approach, use your detailed surface scanner to probe the planet, revealing two points of interest—Bug Killer and Crashed SRV. Once you see the POIs head down to the Bug Killer site where you’ll find three comms control beacons, three cargo racks, and a ship’s data core. Unlike the more efficient Jameson Crash site, you’re not able to sit in a single place and scan all the beacons, so you’ll need to move around as you conduct scans.

At this site, there are three cargo racks that can be targeted and destroyed with your turret, which reveals a single, high-grade raw material almost every time. This makes the site great if you just need a small amount of data and minerals as well.

Be warned that it’s very likely a Thargoid Interceptor will show up at the site to scan the crashed Anaconda and your ship. You aren’t in danger, so long as you don’t attack the interceptor with your ship, you can even fire your SRV turret directly at the Thargoid without upsetting it, (apparently it just laughs at your tiny weapon).

Only a few hundred meters away is the crashed SRV site where you can find and scan an SRV with a message from the commander who died at this site fighting the Thargoids. It’s one of the small bits of lore in a game that only has small bits of lore.

Once you’ve scanned all three beacons and farmed the cargo racks, perform the Frontier Flop, logging out to the main menu and back in so you can scan and gather mats again. If you had previously docked then left from Ray Gateway in Diaguandri, the closest encoded data trader, you can now destroy your ship to fast travel back or you can simply fly home.

This is a great place to gather both data and raw minerals when you only need a few, with the possibility for some wonderfully creepy atmospheric gameplay. Both the Jameson site for data and Crystal Shards sites for minerals are excellent when you’d like to gather mats in large quantities.

Hopefully, between these various sites, you’ll be able to gather the engineering and synthesis materials you need quickly and easily.