Trade for Rare Commodities: East India Company Gaming

East India Gaming Company is a role playing group who's goal is to help the community break the grind.

Table of Contents

In this tutorial, turn our eyeballs towards the East India Gaming Company, a role-playing group who’s goal is to help the community break the engineering grind. This selfless group offers rare or difficult to acquire commodities, offering assistance in open play. This encourages game-play in open and demonstrates the congeniality of most player groups.

We look at what they offer and how the process of placing an order with them works.

NOTE: Be sure to add “Exigeous Sent Me” to your order request to receive a 10-ton discount!!

Console Players

Sadly, this group is PC only given the low player numbers on console—however, they are recruiting so if you want to help make that happen please contact them!


East India Gaming Company

Available Materials

  • Modular Terminals
  • Bromellite
  • Painite
  • Fujin Tea
  • Kamitra Cigars
  • Lavian Brandy
  • Kongga Ala
  • Xihe Companions
  • Soontil Relics
  • Meta Alloys

Finding Imperial Slaves

Ship Builds