Elite Dangerous Youtubers

Looking for someone helpful, fun or creative on Youtube? Look no further than our complete list of all the Elite Dangerous Youtubers!

Table of Contents

Here are the known, quality Elite Dangerous Youtubers. If you are a creator or would like to submit one for addition please contact Exigeous in the Level 11 Discord.

EDTutorials.com Youtubers

  • Exigeous
    Clear, concise and to the point tutorials on all subjects
  • Flintlock Engineering
    Tutorials covering the specifics of engineering blueprints and experimental effects
  • Ghost Giraffe
    Educational and fun science and Elite based content
  • Obsidian Ant
    High quality general space gaming content, focused on Elite
  • The Buur Pit
    Elite Dangerous news and commentary
  • The Pilot
    Commentary videos covering the various ships in the galaxy
  • The Yamiks
    Comedy and commentary on everything Elite Dangerous

Community Youtubers