Engineering Material Finder

This tool will help locate various materials necessary for engineering in Elite Dangerous. When searching for a specific material a list of systems where other commanders have found that material will be displayed, verifying for you that the material has been located in that system within the time period specified.

Select the material you wish to locate and select the date range and number of results. A list of system will be returned where other commanders have found that material and while you may not find the material in that system you'll at least know someone else has.

Date Range
Include Live System State Information (slower results)

How You Can Help!

Material Finder is only as good as the data provided by players like you! To contribute to Material Finder all you need to do is run the Cannon plugin for the excellent tool ED Market Connector. Once installed you then need to install the Cannon Plugin as this will then report, anonymously, all materials you collect so other players can benefit from your grind. The more that run the plugin the better the data and the more useful the tool. If you're not experienced with ED Market Connector please see the tutorial by CMDR Exigeous

Elite Material Finder Version 0.6 by CMDR Exigeous
Material location data provided by Cannon Research
System data provided by Elite BGS API
Material engineering data provided by INARA.CZ