Collecting Thargoid Sensor Fragments

If you're going to unlock Professor Palin or Chloe Sedesi you'll need these creepy little things.

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In this quickie with Exigeous, we look at collecting Thargoid Sensor Fragments. These fragments are used to unlock both Professor Palin and Chloe Sedesi, who engineer grade 5 thrusters.



Artist: Miguel Johnson
Album: Exodus
Track: The Plan

Full Script

Thargoid sensor fragments are created by destroying Thargoid sensors. There are two ways to find these sensors—first is in some non-human signal sources which are found in systems with Thargoid activity. As these spawn very randomly the most consistent way to obtain sensors and fragments is at crashed Thargoid ship locations.

There are a few known but today we’re going to look at HIP 17403 specifically as the site is on rather flat, level ground making them easy to collect. To find the site head to planet A 4 A, you’ll want to take something like a Diamondback Explorer to ease your landing at the site (I’ve included a few builds in the description below). When you arrive at the planet you’ll use your detailed surface scanner probes to reveal a crashed Thargoid.

Once you’ve landed, head toward the center of the site looking for a Thargoid sensor. Once located, approach and use your SRV turret to destroy the sensor, breaking it into one or more fragments. Scoop these up then search the site for any additional sensors and repeat, destroying the sensor then collecting the fragments left behind.

Once you’ve destroyed and collected all the fragments you’ll perform the Frontier Flop, logging out to the main menu and back in so that one or more probes will respawn. Continue this process until it’s not fun anymore, uh, I mean until you’ve gathered the necessary amount of fragments. To unlock both Professor Palin and Chloe Sedesi you’ll need a total of 50—25 fragments for each engineer.

While you can gather these in space, either firing at the probes with a weapon or slamming your ship into them to create fragments this is generally much more difficult as you’re likely to encounter a Thargoid Interceptor in the instance who will likely collect the sensor before you can.

Fortunately, collecting these from this planetary location is quick and easy—allowing you to unlock either Palin or Sedesi, both of which offer grade 5 thrusters. Once again this has been Commander Exigeous from reminding you to fly dangerously, and thanks for watching.