Earning Merits to Unlock Power Play Modules

In this guide we look at the easiest and most efficient way to earn Power Play merits for the sole purpose of unlocking Power Play modules.

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If you’re earning merits to ONLY unlock a Power Play module running cargo is the easiest and most efficient way to do so. Using this method you’ll gather 750 tons of a specific cargo, that you’ll determine once you’ve chosen the system you’ll be heading to.

In this guide we look at the easiest and most efficient way to earn Power Play merits for the sole purpose of unlocking Power Play modules.


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In this quickie with Exigeous we’re going to look at the most efficient way to earn power play merits for the express purpose of unlocking power play modules. These are unique modules, such as prismatic shields or packhound missisles that are offered by aach of the 11 powers that can only be purchased once you’ve been pledged for 4 weeks and have earned 750 merits. While these merits can be earned via combat today we’re going to look at the easiest way to earn these, that is via cargo.

You’ll start by heading to the home system of your power so you can purchase and deliver 750 tons of power play cargo. This is best done in the Type 9 as it is the only ship that can carry this much cargo with a shield, I’ll include a couple builds in the description below. Once you’re ready to head out you’ll need to plot to your power’s home system, this can be located on your right panel, galactic powers. Once open select the power you’re pledged to, indicated by the small gold star in the upper right, and select view power on map. This will open the power play map selecting the correct home system, head there and land at one of the large stations in the system.

We’ll now need to determine what type of cargo you’ll acquire and where to deliver. First I ask that you reach out to your power play player group to briefly discuss with them what systems they’d like you to deliver this cargo, I’ve included a link below to our article on EDTutorials.com that lists the contact details for each power as it will only take a few minutes and could greatly help those group’s efforts. If, however, you’re unwilling to reach out we’ll need to find the best system so your efforts aren’t completely wasted. To do this you’ll open galactic powers, select your power then select the control tab. You’ll then selected the closest control system to fortify regardless of it’s stats. Here we see that CF 464 is very close, at 16 light years. Now note the commodity that you’ll purchase from the power play contact, here we’ll purchase Patreus Garrison Supplies. Now select view on map and plot a route to a large station in that system.

Now you’ll need to acquire the commodity you noted previously by opening starport services, contacts, power contact. Locate the commodity and purchase 750 ton, doing this in groups of 10 until you’ve reached 750. Yes, you can only purchase 10 at a time meaning you’ll have to repeat this over and over and over and over, yes, even buying this cargo is a grind in Elite. Once you’ve acquired all 750 tons head to the system you chose earlier, open starport services, contacts then power contact and deliver your goods.

You’ll now just need to wait until the next system update, or tick, that happens each Thursday morning at 7 am UTC. This will turn the 750 tons you’ve delivered into 750 merits, once you’ve earned that and have been pledged for at least 4 weeks the power play module will be unlocked. You’ll then be able to purchase that module at any station with outfitting. As you’ll only be able to purchase the module during this window you’ll want to purchase all you think you’ll ever need. For most modules I suggest purchasing and storing at least 6, for prismatic shields I’ve put what I suggest on screen now, these will be all the vast majority of commanders will ever need. If you’re only interested in power play modules you’ll likely want to move on and pledge to the next power on your list. As many of the power play modules are extremely useful if you’re not currently pledged to a power I suggest you do so as soon as possible as if you’re not pledged you’re just wasting time. There are very little negatives to being pledged so get pledged today! Once again this has been commander Exigeous of edtutorials.com reminding you to fly dangerously and thanks for watching.