Power Play Player Group Contacts

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Below is a list of all the Power Play groups and their Discords and Reddits. If you’re earning merits PLEASE reach out to your Power Play group BEFORE you do that to ensure you not only help them but you don’t do something to hinder their efforts!

Power Play Player Groups

Aisling Duvalhttps://tinyurl.com/sf26cyu
Archon Delainehttp://discord.gg/0nLvLOrzijjO2POL
Arissa Lavignyhttp://discord.gg/h28SG5H
Denton Patreushttp://discord.gg/RjWn3qv
Edmund Mahonhttp://discord.gg/zdDXNjCF
Felicia Wintershttp://discord.gg/FUC
Li Yong-Ruihttp://discord.gg/0g95XxxKRcw7ypJZ
Pranav Antalhttps://discord.gg/puv35ek
Yuri Gromhttp://discord.gg/ujShjDU
Zachary Hudsonhttp://discord.gg/8QjHwMF
Zermina Torvalhttp://discord.gg/cj2DgwQ