How to build an Anti-Xeno Ship

Effective combat against the Thargoids requires engineering and a working knowledge of their weapon damage. Read on for a fighting chance!

Table of Contents

This guide is based on the Anti-Xeno Knowledgebase, click here to read more.

Anti-Xeno Combat requires specialized ship builds with specific weapons and modules to ensure you can survive the high damage output of a Thargoid Interceptor.

Key Points

There are several key points to remember when building a ship for Thargoid Combat.

  • Thargoids have heavy resistances to standard weapons. You must use specialized Anti-Xeno Weapons to deal out damage.
    • Thargoid Scouts have a 77% resistance to normal weapons.
    • Thargoid Interceptors have 99.97% resistance to normal weapons.
  • Thargoid weapons ignore all resistances (besides caustic resistance) thus you should be aiming to have all armor and shields engineered for maximum raw hull maximum shield mega-joules (MJ).
  • Thargoid Weapons deal Phasing damage, which will deal a portion of all damage directly through shields and onto your hull.


  1. Attempt to engineer your ship a best as possible, especially for fighting Thargoid Interceptors as they deal VERY heavy damage and will decimate any unprepared ship very fast. It is possible to kill Thargoids with an under-engineered ship; however, this can make it more challenging.
  2. For hunting Thargoid Scouts, the most effective weapon is the Large Turreted AX Multicannon, this tracks the scouts very well and deals AX damage, killing scouts very fast. This weapon does not require unlocking.
  3. For hunting Thargoid Interceptors, the most effective weapon is the Medium Guardian Gauss Cannon. This is due to the high armor penetration values of Interceptors that makes other weapons far less effective. This weapon must be unlocked—click here for a guide.

Recommended Ship Builds

To ensure your best chances of success the Anti-Xeno Initiative has compiled a collection of recommended ship builds that will give you the solid foundations required to achieve your first solo Interceptor kill.

Using any build outside the following is not recommended and will make combat significantly harder. These ship builds are designed to give you a balance of firepower and survivability, while also being forgiving enough to make a few mistakes.

Interceptor Hunting Builds

Krait Mk II

The most commonly recommended and best all-round AX ship for anyone interested in killing Thargoids, The Krait Mk II has enough firepower to kill the tougher interceptors, while also having enough shields and hull to be able to recover from a few mistakes without a scratch. A straight upgrade to the python and a very capable AX vessel.

Alliance Chieftain

The Alliance Chieftain, similar to the Krait Mk II is a very capable and sensible AX Ship. The Chieftain has slightly lower overall firepower however it is able to be equipped with a Thermal Vent Beam laser allowing pilots to begin to learn cold orbiting techniques. The Chieftain has the added bonus of also being faster and more agile than the Krait Mk II. The Alliance Challenger is comparably similar to the Chieftain.

Scout Hunting Builds

Hunting scouts is a very efficient method to increase combat rank, this is because all scouts are considered elite targets and will give the best possible experience per kill. Due to the 77% resistance to human weapons, it is very inefficient to use normal weapons against scouts. Due to the unpredictable nature of scouts, we strongly recommend the use of Large Turreted Anti-Xeno Multicannons as the most effective weapon for hunting scouts.

These are best suited as they are not affected by the 77% resistance, can actively stay on target with scouts and are very ammo-efficient. Keep in mind that there is a limit of 4 Weapons per vessel.

Extra Modules Suggested

  • Decontamination Limpet Controller (and Cargo Racks) – used when hit by caustic missiles.
  • Xeno Scanner (optional) – Lets you see scout health %
  • Hull Reinforcements – Scouts deal phasing damage which will damage you through shields

Krait Mk II

  • Can fit 3x AX Multicannons in Large Hardpoints and 1x AX Multicannon in a Medium Slot
  • High Mobility to keep targets in range or disengage.
  • Mobility allows for use of Bi-Weave shields, disengaging for shield regen.


  • Can fit all 4x AX Multicannons in Large Hardpoints
  • Has good angles for Turreted Multicannons
  • Can be fitted with large shields and boosters for worry-free farming