PIP/Distro Management for Beginners

The importance of PIPs cannot be stressed enough. Learn to keep the modules you need charged and ready.

Table of Contents

Managing your distributor, or “PiPs” – how the energy from your power plant is distributed to your various systems is one of the most critical aspects of piloting any ship, specifically in combat. While junior players will leave their pips set and not change them during gameplay advanced pilots, specifically combat pilots will change their pips extremely often, as much as every few seconds. Many use scripts for this, such as Voice Attack or AutoHotKey which has been confirmed by Frontier to be perfectly within the Terms of Service.

Shield Strength and PiP Settings

As a quick note, setting your System, or “SYS” distributor to 4 (full) pips will make your shields ~2.6 times stronger than zero pips, as such it’s rather critical to have 4 or as many pips in systems during combat as possible. Junior pilots may be frustrated as they’ll have less power for weapons or engines but remember, you can’t fight or fly if you’re dead!

This is just another reason pip management is so very critical, especially in combat.