Ship Builds: Type-9 Heavy Three Ways

In this guide we look at 3 builds for the Type-9 Heavy, an "Open Safe" cargo hauler, "Open Safe" laser miner and the "Big Bitch Battle Cow" PvP combat build.

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In this guide we look at 3 builds for the Type-9 Heavy, an “Open Safe” cargo hauler, “Open Safe” laser miner and the “Big Bitch Battle Cow” PvP combat build.


“Open Safe” Cargo

Laser Miner

“Big Bitch Battle Cow”


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Today we’re going to continue our series looking at the most effective builds for each ship in the galaxy by looking at the big bitch herself, the Type 9. She is one of if not the best cargo hauler in the galaxy given she can carry 750+ tons with almost 1000 MJ of shields, enough to earn all your merits for power play module unlocks in a single trip and requires no rank to purchase. Today we’ll look at two primary builds for this behemoth, a cargo transporter and a laser miner with a little fun after that.

Starting with our cargo carrier we’re going to build for maximum defenses while still carrying 750+ tons of cargo making this build very safe for use in open in even the most dangerous systems. For our core we’ll begin with military grade hull with heavy duty deep plate, an armored thermal spread power plant, dirty drag drive thrusters, increased range mass manager Frame shift drive lightweight life support and sensors and a charge enhanced super conduits distributor. For our optionals we’ll be using all cargo racks with a class 5 prismatic shield with reinforced high cap. If you don’t have prismatics yet go with a standard A rated. Giving up 2 tons of cargo space affords us a docking computer letting you multitask during landings. We’ll finish out with our utilities where we’ll want 2 heavy duty super cap and a single thermal reinforced thermo block shield booster. A high capacity chaff launcher or heat sink completes the build, I generally choose the heat sink.

Now let’s have a look at a laser mining build, here collector limpets are key and this build will give us a total of 13. We’ll again start with the same core as before, with one change, this time we’ll need to use a grade 5 overcharged thermal spread power plant for the additional power demands of our mining gear. Looking at the optional internals we’ll start with 2 class 8 cargo racks giving us 512 tons of cargo space. Well want a class 6A prismatic shield, or 6A standard, again with reinforce high-cap. You’ll need a detailed surface scanner, a class 3A lightweight prospector limpet controller and a 2A refinery. That small refinery is all you’ll need when mining for a single mineral as you be excluding everything but what you’re specifically gathering. You’ll then finish out with lightweight collector limpet controllers, with 3 class 3A, a class 5A and 7A giving you a total of 13 active limpets, the key to the most profitable mining possible. Your utilities are again the same, with 2 heavy duty super capacitor and one thermal reinforced thermal block shield boosters and a high capacity heat sink. Finally you’ll outfit all hardpoints with mining lasers, if possible the power play module mining lance is a wonderful choice as it’s 1500 meters of range is 3 times that of a standard laser meaning you’ll be able to begin mining an asteroid much sooner during approach.

For fun I’m including one additional build, a big bitch battle cow. Given the size of the Type-9 and it’s available optional internals you can build an extremely heavily defended ship with firepower and maneuverability the primary issues. We’ll use the same core as our mining build, increasing our powerplant to grade 5 overcharged with monstered. For our optional internatls you’ll start with an 6A Prismatic or standard shield this time with reinforced low draw. 3 specialized flow control shield cell banks, 2 class 8A and one 7a allow for lower heat increasing total shield capacity to nearly 17,000 mega joules. You’ll want 2 3D module reinforcements and a single 1D thermal reflective plating hull reinforcement filling all remaining slots with heavy duty deep plate hull reinforcements. This will give you a total of over 4800 hull integrity with good resistances. An ammo capacity heat sink, 2 heavy duty super cap and a thermal resist thermo block shield booster complete your defenses.

Weapons on this big bitch is the tough part, with many choices available. Long range is an excellent choice for many given your very low maneuverability with a torpedo and seeker missile boat being a fun way to fuck with players in random PvP. Mine launchers can also be a good choice as many won’t be expecting this from a Type-9, as such I enjoy using this ship for PvP piracy. While a less than ideal choice for combat, with the Type-10’s massive amount of hardpoints making it the better choice, it’s rather fun to crush other ships with such an off-meta build. If you’ve used the Type-9 for combat before I hope you’ll share your thoughts in the comments below and that next time you need a large class laser mining or cargo vessel you give this big fat bitch a try. This has been commander Exigeous of reminding you to fly dangerously and thanks for watching.