How to find Thargoids

Thargoids are quite elusive, but there are certain tricks and hotspots that can help you find what you are looking for. The most consistent means is to find Non-Human Signal Sources (NHSS) in either the Pleiades Nebula or the Witch Head Nebula. However, you can also find Thargoids at a few static locations across human space.

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This guide is based on the Anti-Xeno Knowledgebase, click here to read more.

Non-Human Signal Source

Non-Human Signal Sources (NHSS) are a special type of signal source that can be found in areas of Thargoid activity. Upon finding and entering an NHSS there is a chance you will get one of three outcomes:

  1. A single Thargoid Interceptor (Cyclops, Basilisk, Medusa or Hydra)
  2. A swarm of scouts + a Thargoid Interceptor (Hostile)
  3. A swarm of scouts

An NHSS can only be seen while in supercruise. Since they will often appear in bulk, you can easily scan them all by dropping onto the Nav Beacon and scanning it. Once you jump into supercruise all NHSS will be unveiled.

NHSSs are dynamic, appearing and disappearing over time, lasting anywhere up to 30 minutes each.

An NHSS can also contain Thargoid Sensors and Probes

Guaranteed Signal Sources

If an NHSS has a salvage icon next to it in the navigation panel, it will ALWAYS contain a solo Interceptor based on the list above. For example, here is a guaranteed basilisk signal source. Additionally, this instance is slightly different, as it only includes small debris and no green cloud.

Note the small canister symbol on the left.

Anti-Xeno Conflict Zones

When a system is under Incursion (a state of attack from the Thargoids), Anti-Xeno Conflict Zones (AXCZ) can be found in the system. These conflict zones are a special scenario where you will face several waves of Thargoid Interceptors and Scouts. Finally, the conflict zone will end once you defeat the Hydra at the end.

AXCZ’s will appear in a system with Incursion status until the Thargoid presence drops to zero (check Galnet for status).

Static Locations

Across human space, there are a handful of permanent Distress Calls and megaships that can spawn Interceptors. These will typically have 1-2 Interceptors spawn upon arrival, while megaships also will sometimes have scouts instead.

Relogging (exit to menu and log in) will cause these locations to refresh with potentially different Thargoids.

A few notable locations:

  • HR 1185—Permanent Distress Call (Very useful to find multi-goid fights or solo Hydras outside of the Witch Head Nebula)
  • Deciat—A few damaged Megaships (Scenarios around these can spawn Interceptors)
  • Kamadhenu—A few damaged Megaships
  • Wolf 636—Two permanent Distress Calls (Best location to find Interceptors in the Bubble)
  • Delphi—Permanent Distress Call

For an extended list, check out the Thargoid Attacks Spreadsheet

HR 1185 – Permanent Distress Call


Hyperdictions are another less direct means to find Thargoids. Hyperdictions occur when jumping from between systems in Thargoid activity areas.

When a Hyperdiction occurs you will be ripped out of Hyperspace and left floating somewhere between the star systems you were jumping from (you will actually still be in the origin system). One of the hyperdicting Thargoids will perform an EMP attack—this will shut down your ship if you are not protected (see: Modules). Similar to any other encounter, if a Thargoid scans you while carrying Thargoid or Guardian cargo, it will become hostile if you do not drop the items.

If you have a Shutdown Field Neutralizer, it is possible to avoid the shutdown and proceed to engage the Interceptors.

There is a 20% chance of being hyperdicted once you are “marked” by Thargoid technology in an area of Thargoid activity. If you are not being hyperdicted, collecting a Thargoid Sensor in your ships hold will activate a hidden permanent “marked” effect that causes pilots to be frequently hyperdicted by Thargoids.

There is also a chance to be hyperdicted when jumping systems with active Anti Xeno Combat Zones, essentially ignoring the “marked” effect.

Hyperdictions can have more than 1 Interceptor, up to 4 in total.