The Buckyball Racing Club’s Standing Challenges

As well as running individual race events (which typically last a week) the Buckyball Racing Club also have a set of “standing challenges” which are ongoing time trials that can be attempted whenever you fancy. This article describes these challenges.

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General information

The Buckyball Racing Club’s “standing challenges” are time trial races which commanders can have a go at whenever they fancy, as many times as they like, and on any platform. Each race has its own forum thread which contains the rules for that challenge, an ongoing discussion about the challenge itself, and a scoreboard which is maintained by the individual race organiser.

To take part in one of these challenges you need to read the rules and then fly the prescribed course as fast as you can. Each course will have a start line, a series of waypoints, and a finish line. You will be required to provide evidence of your run in the form of either a series of screenshots or a video and the time shown in these screenshots (either on the Station Services menu or on the HUD clock) will be used to calculate your final time and decide where you come on the scoreboard.

To submit an entry for the challenge you will be required to upload your evidence to a media sharing website (such as IMGUR or Youtube) and to supply the URL for this (along with other supporting information such as your commander name and ship type) to the race organiser (via an online form or a direct pm). The exact requirements and submission method will be explained in each individual race forum thread.

The A* Challenge

This is the ultimate Buckyball endurance challenge, a 26,000ly race from Sol (or Wolf 359 if you don’t have the permit) to Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of the galaxy. Started back in 3301 and with over 250 individual times now recorded, the race has separate classes for “Classic” (unengineered ships only), “Neutron” (classic but FSD supercharging is allowed) and “Unlimited” (anything goes). Times range from under 2 hours to over 200 days!
Official forum thread

The Pomeche Ridge Challenge

This is a 65km long SRV endurance challenge that takes place on the legendary ice world of Pomeche 2C. The race starts up on one of the ridges which ripple across the planet’s surface (coordinates 13°,-60°) and is divided into three sections—a relatively easy 26km “Blue run”, the moderately challenging 52km “Red run” and the extremely difficult 65km “Black run”. Racers can choose to stop at any given finish line or keep going to claim times on all three challenges. Times range from under 5 minutes to over an hour.
Official forum thread

The Cortes Base Drag Strip Challenge

The baby brother of the Pomeche Ridge Challenge, this is a much shorter “ridge run” which involves starting at Cortes Base in the Ross 1047 system (an extraordinary planetary base well worth a visit), driving 10km away along a ridge, coming to a stop and then driving back again. A good place to hone your driving skills in preparation for the Pomeche Ridge, Cortes Base is also home to the Elite Racers circuit challenge. Times for the Drag Strip challenge range from 4 to 8 minutes so there’s no excuse not to get over there and give it a quick go.

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The Colonia Trophy Dash

Created as a Buckyball race that Colonia residents could take part in, the Colonia Trophy Dash is a classic Buckyball station circuit race that starts at the Dove Enigma mega-ship in Colonia, visits seven other stations in the region, and finishes at Jaques station, back in Colonia again. There are separate classes for both “Classic” (unengineered) and “Unlimited” ships. Times for this race range from half an hour to an hour.

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The IronBucky Challenge

This is a triathlon of three past Buckyball races which can be run in any order but must all be completed in the same session, without any repairs. The three sections (which all start and finish at Brash Dock in the Siren system) are a short-range “Station Scramble” (visiting 5 stations within 40ly of the start system), a mid-range “Bubble Tour” (visiting 5 stations each more than 100ly from Siren), and a 50km long SRV stage (which takes place between Elwood Camp and Ferguson Prospect on Wasat A 2E). Times for this race range between one and two hours.

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