Trading for Credits – Up to $50 Million Per Hour

EDDB has many features to assist pilots wishing to trade. Commodity prices and website generated routes help you get up and trading. There is also a feature on the commodity page that is just as effective.

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Many pilots start out in Elite Dangerous trading. It is one of the disciplines that is very easy for new pilots to master and allows you to work towards an Elite rank at the same time. EDDB is, without a doubt, one of the easiest tools to use to find one-way trade routes.

While you can certainly use the built-in tools for trading provided by EDDB, it also is very profitable to use EDDB manually to find a trade route. In some cases, it is possible to make over $10 million credits per run (with the right ship).

While you can use the Trade Loop route finder, the following methods are more profitable. This guide will show you how to use the built-in single-hop route finder, and find a route using the commodity page. 

Finding Your Commodity

Open EDDB, and click on Commodities.

Sort the commodities by clicking on ‘$Profit’ so the largest profit is on the top—in this case, we want military-grade fabrics, as meta-alloys are not easy to come by.

Click on the commodity, and sort by selling price.  At the top of the list, we see Lorrah Barracks/FN Virginis as the highest selling price system.

Single-Hop Search Method

Select the Trading option at the top of the page, then select single-hop route.

Ensure you change the following filters:

  • Max Hop Distance – Your ship’s laden jump range
  • Min Supply – Your ship’s cargo capacity
  • Min Demand – At least your ship’s cargo capacity
  • Max Price Age filter – 1 day
  • Available Credits – Your credit balance
  • Landing Pad – Match your ship’s size
  • Include Planetary – Yes

All others will default to “Any” or “Yes”.

This ensures you get the most up-to-date prices, don’t exclude potential high-profit planetary stations, and can purchase enough while returning stations you can land at.

Now, copy and paste the highest selling system name into the EDDB search “Sell to System System”, select “Lorrah Barracks” in the “Sell to Station” option, and click “Find Routes.”

You’ll be presented with multiple options for a single route to sell at Lorrah Barracks.

We found Skvortsov Settlement in LP 440-38, 27 light-years away.  The buying price is $558, and they have 2,153 of them. Another method is to search on the commodity page for the closet station to buy military fabrics. 

Commodity Search Method

On the commodity page, you’ll see a search box for “Current System”. Paste the system name in this box and select buy in the “Buy or Sell” option.

This method gave us a much closer station (10.36 ly), with close to the same purchase price. Shorter trading ranges help to reduce your chances of interdiction by shortening your travel time with a load of cargo.

You sell these at Lorrah Barracks, FN Virginis for $14,129 per ton.

In this example, we got a profit of $13,559 credits per ton. A type 9, with 754 cargo slots, nets $10,223,486 per trip (not including a return run to the pickup station). Not bad, right?

If you are quick enough at the stations, you could make five to six trips an hour—$50 million is a good return for time spent. Either one of these methods works for all commodities if needed.