Trading With the East India Company (EIC)

A guide to accompany Exigeous’ video “Trade for Rare Commodities: East India Company Gaming”. This aims to show CMDRs how to carry out the trade with EIC and how to communicate in-game.

Table of Contents

Preparing for the Trade

Head over to the EIC website and select ‘I need rare goods for an engineer!’. 

You will then be able to search the list of available commodities required to unlock your chosen engineer. Please make note of how many Imperial Slaves will be required for the payment.

Don’t arrange a trade with them until you can answer ‘yes’ to the following 5 questions:

  1. Have you had an invitation from the Engineer? If not, but you believe that you have fulfilled the requirement, try logging out and back in again.
  2. Do you have a ship with enough cargo space for the payment plus 8 limpets? The Python is an excellent choice but other medium/large ships will suffice.
  3. Does your ship have at least 4 active collectors? Two class 3 collector limpet controllers will suffice but more is better if you are collecting 50 tons or more.
  4. Are you aware of how it works? Watch Exigeous’ video ‘Trade for Rare Commodities: East India Company Gaming
  5. Do you know how to use Wing tools (wing chat, wing nav lock etc.)? Exigeous has created an excellent video: ‘Wings Fully Explained’.

Initiating the Trade

Once you have prepared for the trade you can contact EIC on their Discord channel and tag yourself as a customer. You should then be able to access the following channels:

# trading-post- Please read and digest the information in this channel first; it will answer many of the questions you may have.

# trading-floor- This is where you place your order and where you will be ‘pinged’ on Discord to let you know that a Trader is available to conduct your trade.

# red-dragon-lounge- This is where you can ask questions about your trade or just say hi. You can also ask any other questions in general as EIC are a friendly bunch and are always happy to help!

Once you have placed your order you will be sent a link via Discord in a direct message with your order confirmation and further instructions. Please read and digest those instructions and feel free to ask questions in Red Dragon Lounge.

Conducting the Trade

Once you have been ‘pinged’ by the Trader, respond as soon as you can and give them an ETA of when you expect to arrive in the system mentioned in your message with a correctly outfitted ship and the correct payment. You can direct message the Trader on Discord if you have any security concerns or any other issues.

You will be asked to add the Trader as a friend in-game so that they can send you a Wing Invitation.

The trade will be carried out in Open mode and you will be required to switch from Discord messaging to in-game messaging using Wing Chat. If you have difficulty switching to Wing Chat you can prefix your message with “/w” (without quotes).

Your Trader will then give you step-by-step instructions to guide you smoothly through the trade.

Concluding the Trade

The Trader will ask you to leave the wing (drop wing) because they may have further customers. Please do so as soon as possible before entering supercruise or hyperspace. It is advised to go directly to the engineer to reduce the possibility of player or NPC interdiction; some may feel safer by logging in to Solo mode too, although this is not mandatory. Feel free to drop a thank-you note in their # testimonials- channel.

About East India Company

The East India Company is a PwP player-group dedicated to providing the PC community with a break from the grind. Currently, they only trade on PC due to lack of console membership but this could change in the future. They enjoy many E:D aspects: BGS, bounty hunting, AX combat, and mining and also play other PC and console games. EIC is always happy to accept new members; you could be the proud owner of the much-coveted EIC Top Trader tag!