Unlocking the Guardian Power Distributor

The Guardian Hybrid Power Distributor is one of the better Guardian modules.

Table of Contents

In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to unlock the Guardian Hybrid Power Distributor. This power distributor is very similar to a fully G5 engineered power distributor but can not be engineered. With 40% faster weapon recharge than a standard distributor it is ideal for Thargoid combat negating engineering of a standard power distributor for that purpose.

UPDATE: As of the 3.1 release the requirements for the unlock have been drastically reduced!

Required Materials

  • 1x Guardian Module Blueprint Segment
  • 20x Pattern Alpha Obelisk Data
  • 24x Guardian Power Cell
  • 18x Phase Alloys
  • 6x Heatsink Interlink


  • Guardian Structure w/Module Blueprint Segments
    HD 63154 – B3A
  • Ancient Ruins for Obelisks
    COL 173 Sector JX-K B24-0 B4

Ship Build